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The cube that will give you peace and quiet

What is SNEX?

SNEX is an innovative and automatic technology for extinguishing fires. For 200 years we have been putting out fires in the same way. Today we can extinguish fires in a few seconds with no risks or knowledge in the field.

Not dangerous


Extinguishes fires in seconds

Active and Passive Actions

5 year shelf life

Recognized by the Standards Institution

The only cube in the world that saves lives in seconds

Only 300 NIS


The cube contains dry powder meant for extinguishing fires.

The powder conforms to regulation 1022 of the Israeli Standards Institution, relevant for fire extinguishing powders.

The material is not dangerous at all for people, children or animals.

The cube size is 12.5 cm tall by 12.5 cm wide by 12.5 cm deep. The cube extinguishes up to 3 meters of fire.

Cube weight: 1,250 grams


Cartridge – 8cm wide by 12cm tall by 12 cm long. The cartridge extinguishes up to 1.5 meters of fire.


Cartridge weight: 650 grams


The cartridge size is approximately half of the cube, easy to store and can be placed in strategic places where there isn’t space for an object that is 12cm deep (for example: behind large appliances, electricity cabinets, etc.).

We recommend to place the cube or cartridge where there is potential for fires: plugs for laundry machines, dryer, electric bicycle, chargers, electrical box, oven, dishwasher and any other place with power outlets.


In factories: electrical box, near generators, electrical chargers, forklifts, etc.


In addition, it is recommended to store the cube in cars or boats in a place that is accessible to the driver.


Please note: store in a dry place.

When there is a fire, first of all you should call the fire department, then throw the SNEX cube into the location and move away from the location of the fire.


Do not throw the product on boiling liquids.

As soon as the cube comes into contact with a flame, it starts working within 5 to 7 seconds on average.

The explosion isn’t dangerous at all. Additionally, the powder in the cube isn’t dangerous.


Do not throw the product into boiling liquids.

Everyone can operate the cube. From the moment something catches fire, throw the cube in the direction of the fire, the product explodes when it comes into direct contact with the flame.


There is no need for prior knowledge.

The cube is able to extinguish fires both actively and passively, therefore there is great importance to the physical location of the cube.

We recommend to store the cube in strategic locations where there is a greater chance of fires.

Yes, up to 5 years. At the end of 5 years you should replace your cube or cartridge.

There is a two year warranty from the date of purchase.

Cube – Up to 3 meters


Cartridge – Up to 1.5 meters

The success rate of the cube aspires to 100%, the cube reduces significantly the chances of a fire spreading and acts as a first line of defense in putting out fires.

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